The best way to increase the happiness is to share it with others. There are millions of disadvantaged underprivileged people who are deprived of this valuable smile. Sanskriti believes in spreading smiles through its various initiatives. The feeling of sharing joy is the best feeling in the world. You just experience a new dimension of life.
Sanskriti volunteers go to orphanages/old age homes to share some valuable moments with the children/old age people. We used to celebrate various festivals with the children. We organize various events for children on different occasions.

Just sitting with an elder person and listen to him....a moment of smile with the children ...Sharing a game with them – Its all takes nothing from us but makes a difference in someone's life ...Somewhere in some heart..It’s bringing joy and happiness!!! It’s another beautiful face of life …. Lets feel it ...Lets share it and Lets do our part to create a beautiful world!!!
Start Sanskriti's 'Spreading Smiles' chapter in your area to contribute the movement!!!

Stationary Distribution -

Sanskriti has adopted few orphanages/govt schools where we distribute stationary/books to the children whenver required. We take care of all educational requirement of children and ensure that there is no problem in children's education due to proper books or stationary.
We are contributing stationary to 5 orphanages/school nearby Bahadurgarh as of now .